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We host donor sign up events at all types of business and venues including the ballpark.  Whether you’re a group or an individual, we always need volunteers to assist with these events. We can accommodate small and large groups. So, volunteer and make a difference because you care.

Be an All Star join our team.


About Volunteering

  • To volunteer, simply fill out the form below.

  • Anyone over the age of 18 can volunteer.

  • Groups and individuals are welcome!

  • Once you’ve emailed our Volunteer Coordinator to sign up you will receive a confirmation email.

What to Expect​

  • As events are scheduled ​you will receive an email with all the event details.

  • If you are interested in volunteering for that event just check yes on the return email.


Details ​Include

  • Event dates and time

  • Location address/parking

  • Volunteer check-in /Staging area 

  • Here, we will provide you with an overview of Hits For Hunger® and instruction for that event.

  •  You will be escorted to your area for a rewarding and fun experience!

  • After the event, we bring you back to the staging area and provide you with the amount of funds pledged at the event and the number of meals you helped provide for the families in need of food assistance.



  • Host employee sign up days​​

  • Sponsor at a certain pledge level per hit

  • Match employees pledges per individual game, series, month or season

  • Corporate pledge bonus if a particular player gets a hit during a designated game

  • Business to business donation match challenge​​

  • Special corporate Nights at the Park.

    • Free or discounted tickets for the game

    • Pledge for the number of hits for that game

    • Or a match of the total value generated through employee pledges for that game


  • A minimum pledge of $1,000 per hit for a special event game



  • Host H4H® sign up days. 

  • Create a challenge between Sunday school classes or study groups

  • Host a church softball challenge maybe youth v adults as a fun sign up event

  • Volunteer to support H4H®. There are many opportunities​

Civic Groups 

  • Host special member reward challenges to see who can by month or for the season:

    • Sign up the largest number of donors

    • Raise the most pledge funds


Make A Difference

Whether you want to follow your favorite team and donate monthly or make a fixed monthly donation there are many ways you can support H4H® and our mission to help end hunger in America. Just click the donate button select your option and donate.

Your Donations will save and change lives and families for generations.



Baseball is all about the numbers and statistics. Which is why we are consulting with educators to develop fun educational games and programs for every age and grade level.

Here are a few ideas.


  • Host H4H® sign up days 

  • Create a challenge between:​

    • Classrooms​

    • Grade Levels

    • Rival schools​​

Step up to bat and help fill the plates of the hungry!

Volunteer Contact

Thank you for joining our group of volunteers. You will be added to our group list and made aware of opportunites to serve.

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